Isola Corpo

Isola Corpo; adventures of the Island Psyche, 2007

"It is as if, far away from the controlled rational spaces of cities, humans might have miraculously retained the capacity to partake of the divine and experience ecstasy. "

"Rossi’s works in this exhibition reminds me of an observation made by Mircea Eliade, that it’s no longer enough to admire the art of the primitives: 'We must discover the sources of these arts in ourselves, so that we can become aware of what it is, in this modern existence, that is still mythical, and that survives in us as part of the human condition”. Lucia Rossi’s journeys to isolated stretches of the Tasmanian coast where, naked, she enacts for her camera the rhythmic movements of various phenomena, have something ritualistic about them. Her photographs in Isola Corpo were shot at Rocky Cape and Low Head, Freycinet and Piccaninny Point, Marrawah and South Cape where, over time, she observed the constant ebb and flow of the tides, the weather patterns, the minutiae of coastal life, and the contents of the ocean spewed onto the sand. But seeing and knowing is not enough; to experience these landscapes in a deeper sense is to respond to the ancient rhythms with her own body, enacting the invisible movements of nature and immersing her senses in a larger, more encompassing identity. Rossi has said, “I feel the body as part and whole of nature, where both merge with the sublime. In some way the body is like a hieroglyph in response to this invisible, inneffable thing'."

"At times Rossi takes on the mood of her rocky or watery surrounds. Movement is inherent in the massive primeval rock dominating the foreground of Resistance; erosion has shaped it to resemble an ocean swell that has become petrified. Atop this is a smaller rock, formed like one of the stupa of the ancient temple of Borobudur, and it is the personality of this rock to which Rossi responds. In the right frame, her form springs into life on the horizon, dancing the rock shape like a dervish…."

Victoria Hammond, 2007

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