Echo Chamber


The French Revolution of 1789-1794 sprung from the Age of Enlightenment and a revolt against hierarchy, abuse of power, and poverty. There ensued five years of a chaotic breaking down of existing systems, the fall of the Monarchy, and a battle to create a more equitable constitution. Power struggles and paranoia flourished, along with an explosion of radical ideas that laid the foundation for some of the freedoms that we enjoy today. It was a bloodbath and a massacre on all sides, at the base of which was the fight to defend the rights of Man and Citizen, and to create a more equitable and better functioning society. The Revolution also stimulated the unification of France and the end of feudalism.
In my work with Echo Chamber, authenticity and fact are important, but I am also working intuitively, and consciously illustrating and dramatizing. By combining original illustration from the era with contemporary images, and using techniques of illusion and depth, I hope to encourage a resonance between past and present, and to bring to life a discussion of this significant period in relation to current day events.
The French Revolution changed France and Europe, and had a lasting impact on the rest of the world. Two hundred and twenty six years on, what have we learnt? Do we value the sacrifices, and the significant changes that were made?
Is the French Revolution over yet?

Lucia Rossi, 2015

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