Gnomon Experiments & Locus Focus

THE GNOMON EXPERIMENTS (2018/19) questions our perception of space, and how we come to feel located in space. The work is informed by natural phenomena, systems of measurement, mapping, perspective, perception, and the human concept of space-time. Using site-specific installation, wall painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and animation, many of the works incorporate visual illusions and anamorphic distortions, where the movement and embodied experience of the participant activates the work.

Many of the Gnomon Experiments involve using a specific method of drawing that records the rotation of the earth as it moves past the sun. The resulting patterns, either captured as small drawings or large room installations, are works that physicalize time, motion and light, into layers of geometric shapes. The works also highlight the peculiarities of the singular-view-point and the conditions created by a frame-of-reference.

The Gnomon Experiments
investigate both a concrete and abstract notion of space also as a way to understand our sense of being located in a vast and constantly moving universe. 

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