Creative Development & Photography Workshops

Personally tailored workshops for those who want to learn more about creativity technique, and artistic expression.

Lucia Rossi has over twenty years experience as an artist and documentary photographer. She is also a qualified trainer, and believes that having fun is key to both learning and creativity.

Sessions are individually tailored to suit the needs of each group or one-on-one. The workshops can range from artistic process and creative thought, to technical aspects of photography or philosophical discussion of subject and genre. Lucia will share her own processes and methods of working as an artist and photographer, and her range of experiences and knowledge. 

A number of upcoming workshops are offered in 2017, in Victoria and Tasmania, or you can choose your own location, date and length of workshop.


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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to create a tailored workshop for yourself or a group.

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Upcoming Workshops

Nature Mythologies II



Fri 27th-Sun 29th January, 2017


Artists Lucia Rossi & Peter Adams guide participants through a weekend workshop that explores current dialogues of nature and environment through creativity and imagination. Using the camera as a core tool with an immersive creative process, we will address nature related themes as diverse as economy and biology, or the Anthropocene and human consciousness. This is an opportunity for participants from any professional background to expand and develop personal projects and ideas.

Creativity: Environmental artist Joseph Beuys once said 'everyone is an artist', by which he means everybody can approach everything they do with more creativity and imagination. For Beuys this re-defined art as 'everything we do'.

“... art has to be understood in a whole new way: as a raising of creative powers by the senses, that they become sharper, better, richer and much more potent; that the inner creative powers advance the present thinking structures through intuition, inspiration and imagination and don’t end with pure intellectual understanding.”

Working individually and collaboratively, with the camera as the central tool along with drawing and writing, we work our way through a process of sensory perception awareness, contemplation and experimentation.

Nature: The essential premises of the Nature Mythologies Workshop is to gain a better understanding of the environment and how Humans can be a more creative part of the ecology. By reflecting on a range of nature concepts and mythologies we will tease out different ways of expressing personal and universal ideas relating to nature.

Discussion: The collective sharing of experiences and stories is a key part in our process of developing ideas. It is hoped that participants will bring an area of personal or professional interest to shared discussion from which we can build a network of different perspectives.

Perception and Phenomena: These topics will flow throughout the workshop in various different contexts from Plato's Cave to the phenomena of light. How does spacial awareness or balance affect our perception of an environment? How do we perceive other phenomena in nature such as energy, dualities, networks, or chaos?

What you will need: Plenty of enthusiasm and your own camera. A basic understanding of how to operate your camera is beneficial, however the workshop will include tuition in camera technique, and technical questions will be addressed throughout the weekend. Further information on other essentials will be provided on inquiry.

Cost: Accomodation & food included

$950 pp /$750 student

(max 8 participants)

To inquire about this workshop please contact Lucia Rossi on:

+61 (0) 419 532 708

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Panopticon Meditation

Knocklofty, Hobart

Sat 28th Nov & Sat 5th Dec, 2015

Half Day x 2

A very special half day that will exercise your visual capacity and increase your awareness. Stretch & flex your creative muscles, with this mind and hands on experience.

Do one or both of these workshops as a package.


Life, Death, Rituals & Connection to Earth

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Paris, France

January 17th,2015

Half Day

Explore the beauty of winter light in this iconic location in a workshop focused oncomposition, visual communication, and creative camera controls. Père-Lachaise also gives us the opportunity to explore and discuss notions of how we deal with death, remembrance of life, rituals & symbolism, and connection to earth.

120€ per person (max 4 people)


Nature Mythologies

Windgrove, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

Sat, November 29th, 2014

Full Day

This intensive one day workshop is a unique experience in creativity, photography and nature, with artists Lucia Rossi & Peter Adams, in the breathtaking natural surrounds of Windgrove on the southern tip of the Tasman Peninsula. Connect with nature, gain knowledge, and stimulate your artistic senses.

$220 - fullprice
$180 - student concession

(max 8 people)


Hanging Rock

Mt Macedon, Victoria

Sat, 6th December, 2014

Full Day

An immersive one day workshop in this iconic location in the Macedon Ranges with a walk up /or around Hanging Rock, and in the park area. This is a great day for nature and landscape photography in a truly majestic and sublime location. 

Entry Fees & transport from Melbourne included.

$350 per person (max 3 people)


For those who wish to tailor a workshop for themselves or a group below is a guide to some of the content available. Please state any specific areas of learning that you wish to cover in your inquiry. Lucia will work in consultation with you to create an informative and inspiring program.

1. Camera Technique & Exposure Controls

Getting the best out of your DSLR – Learn about the settings on your camera, and how and when to use them. A detailed tour and explanation of buttons combined with hands-on practical shooting experience. Learn about different lenses, file format, drive modes and auto focus. Take control of your camera and make the most of its functions. If you have a new camera, or you want to get more out of the one you use, this is an essential place to start.

2. Light, Tone & Exposure Control

Learn how to make correct exposures and ‘read’ light. Learn about Manual settings, Priority Modes, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Learn how to read and understand your Histogram. This content gives you the knowledge to have much more technical and creative control over the images you make.

3. Creative Exposure Control

An extension of Light & Exposure Control, here we learn how to use techniques such as depth-of-field and motion blur, and how to control tone, light and contrast to achieve different effects in your images.

4. Composition

Learn the theory behind why an image looks balanced! Learn techniques of how to compose an image so that it communicates more strongly to the viewer. This session will teach you how to give your images more depth and meaning, which is an essential part of creative expression.

5. Creative Expression

Learn how to explore your creative ideas, and use camera skills purposefully to convey concepts. Utilizing Lucia’s arts background, these sessions involve a number of guided activities and exercises to explore your creative thinking. They are really good ‘brainstormers’ for personal projects, or if you want to broaden your visual language, and learn how to use the cameraas a tool of artistic expression. This workshop will expand your thinking and awaken the senses.

6. Location & Subject

Landscape, Nature, Portraiture, Street Photography, Performance, or Still Life

These workshops are site and subject specific and are a really good way to understand a particular genre more deeply. The sessions teach different techniques and methods of working with camera, light, composition, subject and creativity. Workshops also demonstrate how to work in specific environments with the equipment you have, and tips on how to build your kit for that specific subject.

7. Post Production

System Management & Post Production

Learn how to set up good system management and archiving practices on your computer, as well as how to name, catalogue and organize digital files for efficient workflow. Learn the essential basics of post-production image processing and non-destructive editing in Adobe Lightroom.



Workshops are generally half or full day sessions. Shorter or longer sessions can be arranged.

Group Workshops

Generally 4 - 8 people maximum. Larger groups and forum style sessions can be arranged on request.

Sessions are tailored to holistically compliment the needs of the group. When booking your workshop you will be given a simple questionnaire that will allow you to easily define the areas of knowledge you wish to prioritise. Lucia will work in consultation with you to create an informative and inspiring program.

One-on-one Workshops

Premium workshops that provide a really productive and concentrated environment with content precisely tailored to your specific needs and questions. These sessions can also be conducted in your home or place of work, which allows for much more detailed and individualized consultation on your working systems. Includes follow up email & phone support.

Price Guide

See Upcoming Workshops for exact prices on scheduled sessions, or please contact us for a precise quote on a tailored workshop.

Prices may vary slightly according to workshop content, subject, or location.

General Price Guide

Group Half Day- $60 to $120 per person

Group Full Day- $110 to $220 per person

One-on-one Hourly - $110

One-on-one Half Day - $410

One-on-one Full Day - $780

Payment Method - 

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal

Payment Policy

Unless stated otherwise, payment in full is required to confirm a booking. We will send you a booking confirmation and tax receipt by email upon confirmed payment.

Cancellation Policy

More than three weeks prior - full refund

Less than three weeks prior – 50% refund of full price.

In the unlikely event that the organizer needs to cancel a workshop, you will be offered a full refund of payment, and / or the opportunity to re-schedule for the next available workshop.

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